"Today, technology already makes it easier for us to train successfully for top performance. With CARITY we use these possibilities to help people back into normal life."

Dr. Alexander Duschau-Wicke, Technical Development & Data

"Thanks to many personal interviews, we were able to gain the insight that after physical setbacks, people want more orientation and security in everyday life. This need is exactly what we cover with CARITY."

Lisa Moser,


"CARITY is the ideal support for individuals to make positive behavioural changes for their health after a physical setback.”

Dr. Jessica Farebrother,

Clinical Affairs

"With CARITY we can support people after physical setbacks. Our goal is to give these people back their trust in their bodies and thereby improve their quality of life."

Michael Häberli,


"If we can promote the independence and activity of people in difficult physical situations, then CARITY makes an important contribution to public health care."

Till Gerken,

Software Engineering

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