A digital companion in CARDIAC REHABilitation

After a cardiac event, many patients and their families are exposed to a high degree of insecurity and therefore have a constant demand for reassurance. They always worry about a next event.
These patients feel disconnected from their bodies, which makes them unsure about how much they can and should do. At the same time, they know that they should take action to improve their condition. This creates a frustrating internal conflict.
CARITY applies wearable technology in the form of an unobtrusive wristband, a mobile application incorporating persuasive technology, and data science to leverage the real-world data captured by the wristband and mobile application.
Patients receive a notification when they exceed an upper heart rate threshold defined by their healthcare professionals. This notification helps them understand how far they can go in everyday life situations, giving them the necessary confidence to become physically active again.
At the same time, the digital coach on the mobile application will encourage the patients to reach their individual goals that were set with the health care professionals.
CARITY measures pulse and activity.
The wristband and the app work very easily: The wristband can be started right after taking it out of the packaging. The mobile application is very easy to understand. Healthcare professionals will support the set-up.
CARITY will provide a closed feedback loop. A digital coach on the mobile application will support the patient in implementing the intended changes in behaviour. This coach will thus give the patient individualized advice, and reach his/her original health status and lifestyle faster and more sustainable.
The wristband as a discreet design and is comfortable to wear.
about CARITY

It is our vision to take cardiac rehabilitation to a new level through digital therapy and help prevent

secondary events for cardiac patients.

CARITY is a start-up of Evoleen AG and is in the development phase.


CARITY is under current circumstances being rolled-out as a solution for cardiac rehab patients that are not allowed to join outpatient rehab sessions in times of COVID-19.

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